Quo Vadis Europe?

UNESCO 45th International Studentseminar



24 participants, aged 15 to 19, from Germany, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden and Hungary and France came together from 13.11.-18.11.2016 to discuss this year's topic "Quo Vadis, Europe?- The Future of the European Union."

"Quo Vadis Europe?" means what is happening with Europe.

We all lived in the UFA Fabrik in Tempelhof and the first day was used to get familiar with the other participants. The first noticable thing was that speaking in English was essential, otherwise a communication with pupils from seven different countries would have been impossible.

The next day was used to explore the city of Berlin, always concentrating on how Berlin is connected to and important for the European Union.

The following day we did some research on our topic, to ensure that everyone had the same level of knowledge. Therefore we informed ourselves about the functions of the European Union. In addition we also had a drama workshop, which was quite fun.

The next days we attended a graphics workshop, did a street poll and met experts. My group for example went to the JEF organisation, whose work is to make people aware of the European Union and its values.

The street poll showed the concerns people have towards Europe at the moment, but there are also optimistic people who think that unity and education can solve the problems.

Moreover, we still had enough free time to show the others around Berlin and get to know each others' cultures.

In conclusion, I have to say it was a great experience because the group atmosphere was great. If I could attend again, I would definitely not miss it. I really recommend going there if you have to opportunity to.


Das 45. Internationale Schülerseminar zum Thema "Quo Vadis, Europe?- The future of the European Union" was so viel heißt wie "Was passiert mit Europa? - Die Zukunft der Europäischen Union" fand dieses Jahr vom 13. bis zum 18. November 2016 in der UFA Fabrik in Tempelhof statt. Es war eine sehr lehrreiche Erfahrung.


Ein Bericht von Ladi Fosung.

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