Call to Action

3-Minute-speeches im Vorlurs Englisch




We are the „Vorkurs English“ from Ms. Arkona.

In class we were asked to work in groups to write short convincing speeches about important topics to make a call for action. Before we were asked to prepare our own speeches, we analysed speeches by Barack Obama.

That means we knew what a well-done speech was like ...

Each group was free to choose from any topics coming to their minds, as long as it was a global topic, calling for action. So some students came up with „Homeless Pets“, others with „Working Conditions in South-East-Asia“.

The one speech which stood out most was about „Discrimination“, written by a group of four, but presented by just one. Their names were Maya-Bell, Sarah, Adrian, Carlotta and Lauri. Out of these Adrian was chosen to give the speech, because there was just a tiny bit of good class-work missing to grant him a better mark.

For a well-done speech you have to use stylistic devices, such as the use of personal pronouns, directly address the audience and to include rhetorical questions. Furthermore it is important to keep eye contact. Additionally you have to speak slowly, clearly and loudly.

When Adrian started delivering his speech, everyone went completely quiet. Even our teacher said she had never before seen a class as quietly concentrated as us during this performance. Adrian’s way of speaking was full of confidence and energy. Every single person concentrated on him. We, the audience, were really highly impressed by his speech and to learn something more about his chosen topic. To us Adrian definitely deserved the better mark!



Text written by:

Adrian, Edgar, Fabian, Finn, Johanna, Junha, Katharina, Lauri, Maja, Malia, Melissa, Nilay, Sarah, Sascha, Shayenn, Sophie, Valentin, Vane

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