The 12th grade (English courses of Ms Klennert and Mr Jan) visited Amsterdam!

Dutch culture, plastic fishing and (house) boats

We arrived in Amsterdam after a five hour train ride and saw a sunny, 30 degrees “Centraal” station. This was really unexpected, as the weather forecast had only stated about 20 degrees and rain!

Luckily, we never got wet but enjoyed the sunshine instead! First, our teachers organised a rallye for us. This showed us a bunch of places and already gave us some insight into the Dutch culture – for example into the Dutch peoples’ favourite food, which some of us tried right away – “bitterballen”, really good!

We also went “Plastic fishing” in the canals of Amsterdam, which was part of our world clean-up day activity – and a great possibility to explore Amsterdam by boat!

Thursday, we visited a houseboat owned by a local family (two husbands and their dog) who also gave us a lot of insights into the city and its culture. To get to know more about living on the water was quite interesting, too!

Unfortunately, we had to leave Thursday afternoon instead of Friday morning – the Dutch Railway put on a general strike. So we had to present our Amsterdam mini projects (all of them focused on sustainability in a city, for example recycling, mobility, water, city green…) back at school in Berlin. And missed our last evening…

But we can still say that we had a great time in Amsterdam and saw a beautiful city! And the train ride home was fun, too

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